Day 43-49: A Bandolier of Updates

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We are alive and kicking/pedaling! This post is currently being written in the house of Kirk Hanna, a sports writer for the local paper here in Rawlins, WY.

Firstly, a huge thanks to Tara Anderson from who helped put together a meetup in Boulder. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out!

This morning, Joe woke up with a bit of altitude sickness (hypoxia) which knocked him out for 17.5 hours. We have been over 6000+ feet high for the past few days and it finally caught up to him. He woke up to vomit, then fall back asleep. After a few more hours in his mini-coma, started feeling better.

  • We celebrated the 4th in Boulder, CO.
  • We almost ran over a rattle snake.
  • We legally biked 100+ miles on I-80. We felt safer than MANY other roads.
  • Mosquitoes are ridiculous! A motivation to not stop.

The live tracking is temporarily broken and says we are still chillin’ in Julesburg, CO. I have temporarily put up another map on the Track Us page. Greg Hendrickson from is helping us get the kinks worked out. He is quite amazing to work with.

After the old-historic-east, the corn-nothingness-middle, we have reached the outdoorsy mountains of our west. The creeks are clear enough to swim in, and there is a huge increase of people wearing The North Face outerwear.

Joe hopped a barbed wire fence to take this picture:

It’s impossible to feel geeky at certain moments. The farther west we go, the more these moments happen. I was biking at night into Laramie, WY at night on a wide shoulder with few cars, stars in full bloom, and only the sounds of prairie dogs and crickets to entertain my ears. The moon had been casting shadows and gave enough light to see debris on the shoulder. I drifted off into a trance for about 20 miles and had no thoughts of technology, email, or anything that required electricity. I was in the true sense of “getting back to nature.”


The Tour De France podcast has been keeping me up to date on the standings. I just finished watching Breaking Away and I’m tempted to enter some races when I get back to Austin. Any suggestions on how to judge which races one should enter?

Cycling from Denver to Fort Collins was too easy. Iowa and other states were a challenge while Colorado had to be better and put bike lanes everywhere. Hundreds of miles of trails gave the peace of mind that we can enjoy a nice bike ride. Cyclists sprinkled all over the roads, and drivers who are probably also cyclists. Way to show-off, Colorado! How dare you give us awesome people like these riders:


Upon Entering Wyoming:


The next few days will be ‘getting to nature’ times for both of us. Electronics will run out of battery, Joe will be taking beautiful pictures, and I’ll be in deep trances of thought.

Many thanks to Ian, our host in Boulder who let us borrow the last half of the Trans-Am route maps made by the Adventure Cycling Association. The second half of our cross country journey will be on a designated, widely traveled path. It is not geeky to use paper maps, but we do appreciate quality work. These maps are pure analog quality.


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Day 40/41: 7 Flats, Randy, Ole’s Big Game

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7 Flats in 10 hours

I woke up in Sterling, CO with both tires flat. This would have been all and well but the goat heads were attacking Joe’s bike the previous day. He had 4 flats the previous day which had us in a town with no bike shop, 50 miles from next days destination, and 2 flats.

Thank you Sam Walton! Walmart had cheap patches that lasted only about 45 miles, exactly what was needed. I had our 7th flat (in 24 hours)as I was pulling into the day’s destination.

Touring Tip: If you are passing through places with goat-heads, bring enough patches and tubes for 10+ flats. You don’t want the horrible feeling of possibly being stranded, something we were on the brink of. Never underestimate how strong those little buggers are.

Thank You Randy Ballheim!

As luck would have it, our next host was a huge bike geek. His garage was a mini bike shop and he fixed Joe’s bike…with a 2×4 piece of wood and a hammer. It was quite the spectacle.

Click, click, click…*silence* BOOM! My tire got a nasty tear in it and the tube started to poke through. Once that happens, the tube explodes! The sound was enough to have Joe swerve from shock.

2009-06-30 11.35.31
Randy came to the rescue a second time when, 7 miles into a 100 mile day we were stranded on the side of the I-76 access road. He stopped his day, went to go to the bike store (luckily open), and drove to us to drop off a tire. Thank you Randy!

Randy helping to fix up the tire situation:

Randy went and got us a new tire and just saved the day!

Would you see this driving on the interstate?

Joe’s new favorite shot:

One for the grandkids:

Hey Horsie:

Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse in Paxton, Nebraska:

The elephant is real:

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Event in Boulder on July 3rd!

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The more the merrier. After biking through towns of 80 people, we miss large groups of geeks and cyclists. and a few other great companies in the area are putting together this meetup. You know it’ll be quality when Lijit has their hands on it.

From their blog:

Additionally, if you’re in the Denver/Boulder area, you’re invited to meet the guys this Friday, July 3rd, as they make a stop in Boulder. We’ll be meeting up at the Boulder Draft House, from 4-6 pm, to enjoy some happy hour beers with the guys. (Look for us in the back room!) Ride your bike, stop in, and let us show Carlos and Joe just how much we love our bikes around here.

Event Details

What: Come share a drink and meet up with the 2 guys from Real Geeks Ride. These guys are biking across the country to inspire other geeks into bicyclef commuting.

Date: Friday, July 3rd
Location: Boulder Draft House
Time: 4pm to 6pm

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Some Random Nebraska Shots

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Hanging around the most phallic state capitol our country has to offer. This was in Lincoln, Nebraska:

“You want to take a picture of art? Here I am.” -Man Below


What creepy hands you have…


Just because:


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